Start of a new day

Do you ever get that ‘now what’ feeling? Where something is finished and you’re left empty, casing around for something else to do? It’s a bit how I feel at the moment, one project set free and now awaiting its fate, another teetering on the brink. I’ll start when I’m ready, when I feel less drained.

Until then I can console myself with the camera. Dawn is such a wondrous time, when the darkness gives way to the light and the waters blaze with brightness. I’m not often there to see it, but I was this time.

2 thoughts on “Start of a new day

  1. fremont110293

    Such a beautiful picture. I’ve only once had the follow through to get up before dawn for a sunrise – a few years back at the Jersey Shore. No I take that back, I also witnessed a sunset “hundreds” of years ago when I went to Girl Scout camp.
    On another note, yesterday I bought a new camera to replace my broken one. I finally plowed my way through the directions, put the battery and memory card in. Still have to program it for time, day, language, etc. Remember when all you had to do was load a roll of film, or even easier a film cartridge?

    1. Greta van der Rol

      Oh, Lody. Film cameras. I’m soooo glad we have digital because I throw so many pictures away.

      For this sunrise, the hubs dragged me out – which is amazing, ‘cos he’s not a morning person. I must admit, it was worth it though

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