Ten days and counting…

Ten days to go. In ten days time my latest science fiction romance novel Starheart will be out there on kindle. I’m getting a bit excited about it all. The book has done a few rounds with a few beta-readers who set me straight on the subject of being mother of a teenage daughter. It’s ready to go, and I’m very happy with the result.

The picture on the left was done by the multi-talented Kevin Radthorne. Check out his wonderful gallery here. He didn’t create the image for me – but as it happens, I think it’s an excellent representation of the heroine in Starheart, slightly shady freighter captain Jess Sondijk. Blonde, beautiful and not above using her bountiful assets if it will give her an advantage.

Of course, there’s an admiral. Tall, well-built womaniser Ullric Hudson. Just to tickle your fancy, here’s an excerpt where Hudson has Jess brought on board his battle cruiser. She is NOT HAPPY.


Tomas was waiting for him when he disembarked. “Where is she?”

“In an interrogation cell, Sir.” His adjutant’s eyes twinkled. “The same one the Militia used last time she was here.”

Hudson grinned. How would she have reacted to that? “Have her brought to my office.”


He hardly had time to make himself comfortable in his chair when his clerk said via his implant, “Captain Sondijk is here, Sir.”

He sat back in his seat, watching the door when she entered. Her grey ship suit was unzipped at the front and the scoop-necked white shirt she wore underneath revealed a tantalizing expanse of breast. The last time she’d been brought aboard she’d dressed for the occasion but this time she probably didn’t even realize. Her eyes blazed with fury as she barged into his office, flanked by a lieutenant and two troopers. No, intimidation didn’t work on Jess Sondijk.

“What in blazes is this about? Annoyed I stood you up?”

“Thank you, Lieutenant, you may go,” Hudson said.

He waited until the door closed behind the troopers.

“I admit, I’m not accustomed to being stood up.”

She slammed both her palms on his desk and leaned towards him, affording him a lovely view of her cleavage. “You are not the fucking centre of the universe.”

His gaze slid down to admire the swell of her breasts. Nice. Exquisite. Two delicious handfuls. His mouth watered. The prospect of a close and personal encounter with that body was enough to give a man a hard-on.

She pushed herself upright. “Oh, for fuck’s sake. Do you ever think about anything but your cock?”

He leaned back, grinning. “If you flaunt your assets, my dear, you can hardly blame me for looking.”

Scowling, she zipped up her suit.

“Very good. Now sit.” He pointed at the visitor’s chair beside her.

“Go to hell. You have no reason, no right to stop me and impound my ship. I’ve done nothing wrong and I’ve other things to do apart from some… some sort of verbal foreplay with you.” She folded her arms, staring down at him.


I loved writing this book. I love Hudson and Jess – and Jess’s friend, Santh. Come along for an action-packed adventure and find out what a Starheart really is.

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