Open your eyes and see

picture of beach low tideIt’s photo Friday again. Just lately I’ve had several remarks about my photos along the lines of ‘you’re so lucky to live in a place where you can see these things’. Well, yes, I guess I am. Not everybody has whales playing in the water close by every spring. And Brahmani Kites don’t fly the skies everywhere, or fruit bats. But I can take photos anywhere. When I lived in Victoria I photographed the local kangaroos and sulphur-crested cockatoos and rosellas. In Perth it was reflections in the river, the view from King’s Park, wildflowers in spring.

Sure, not everybody gets to watch a skein of ibis working a thermal. But then, we don’t have storks here. I’ve never seen the sky black with starlings or a robin hopping across the snow or a blue tit raiding. In visits overseas I’ve photographed white swans and squirrels, reflections in Amsterdam canals. And everybody has sunrises and sunsets, rain on roses, beaches, clouds, bridges, trees…

Beauty is where you find it. Open your eyes and see.

This week’s picture is low tide at Hervey Bay early in the morning. In the top right you’ll see a sea eagle. I got a close-up shot of him later.