Who Wants to Live Forever?

Hi fellow science fiction romance fans. The ‘Out of this World’ blog tour rolls on. Amber Norris is my guest and she’s going to tell you all about her soon to be released book. Over to you, Amber…

There is something alluring about the idea of eternity. Never having to die. No end, just experience after experience…after experience after experience…

Huh, second thought that might not be so fun. I mean, how much of yourself and the world can you really explore before it all becomes monotonous?

Remember when you were young and time seemed to fly by? It zipped by because everything around you and your responses were new, so your mind kept busy recording the moment. How about that really great day — say the first date with the man you’d eventually fall in love with and marry. Remember how that day just went by too fast. Time was at its most optimum and there were tons of new senses and objects and moment to register. As you age the new moments are less, so time slows down because your mind doesn’t have to record as much.

Imagine hundreds of years without new experiences to keep your mind healthy and active. That is what my newest character, Captain Noah Bonney, faces. In my upcoming October 15th SFR release, Telomere Trilogy Book One: Revelations of Tomorrow, Noah’s race was genetically engineered to live forever, with the assistant of modified telomerase enzymes. This enzyme keeps the matured chromosones regenerating forever. However, every “gift” has its consequence. For Noah’s people it is Soul Death. After a couple hundred years the humanity within them dies, replaced by a viciousness.

All except Noah has been hit with Soul Death, and she doesn’t know why. Revelations of Tomorrow kicks off her journey to find out why her humanity has lasted so long. Please enjoy this excerpt. If you like it, make sure to post a comment because someone will win a free Advanced Reader Copy of Revelations of Tomorrow.


Several loud shrills broke the silence. Smaller forest creatures rustled the canopy and cleared out. Blasts replied to those shrills and Matthew’s body went cold. A scream of both fear and pain shattered the quiet.

Then nothing for what seemed like eternity.

Scouts broke through, the fear, so evident on their faces, overwhelmed them into a deathly silent run for life. Still, Matthew willed her to appear. She’d be one of the last, to ensure as many as possible returned.

Another shrill and two dark forms, similar to the images on the virtual screen rose above the canopy, arched, then dove back in. Several of Makai’s men aimed and shot. Three more popped out and zoned in on their direction.

“They’re coming!” Makai stated the obvious.

Noah broke through at a full run. Her clothes were bloodied. Several slashes left the protective jacket hanging from one shoulder. She screamed in defiance and turned, her large blast barrel pointed, aimed. A large creature broke free low to the ground. She shot and a smoke trail followed it to the creature’s chest.

The shrill pitched higher, in pain right before its chest exploded. The impact blew Noah back several feet. She scrambled up, turned, and ran again, this time with a limp. Several more creatures broke free from the tree line. Matthew didn’t think. He ran for her, aimed his gun and shot as he went. He reached her, where she crouched to shoot again and grabbed her. Yanking her up, he dragged her until she turned and joined him in the retreat.

Only fifty or so yards. We can make it.

Twenty-five yards.

Claws clamped on his shoulders, with the opposing claw piercing into his back. He screamed. Noah screamed with him in shocked surprise. He was lifted and then the beast slammed him into the ground and clamped its teeth into his upper arm, shoulder, and neck in one bite. His second scream ended muffled in the dirt.

Loud blasts erupted. The animal’s claws released. It tumbled off and took a large chuck of his shoulder with it. The wound sizzled in his ear, his body started to convulse uncontrollably. The world tipped and rolled. His hearing echoed, and then all that remained was a loud constant roar.


I hope you all enjoyed the excerpt. Revelations of Tomorrow, the First Book in the Telomere Trilogy, will be released October 15th by Desert Breeze Publishing. If you’d like to be added to the release notification, please email me at ambernorris[email protected]yahoo.com. If you’d like to know more about me and/or my writing, please stop by my blog, http://scifiadventures.blogspot.com/.

Oh! And don’t forget to continued with the blog tour. Tomorrow Lilly Cain visits Anne Kane’s blog, http://www.annekane.wordpress.com/.

13 thoughts on “Who Wants to Live Forever?

  1. Anna McLain

    Oo, this sounds good!

    No I wouldn’t want to live forever either. I wouldn’t want to outlive my kids because I’d miss them too much.

    doxisrcool at aol dot com

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  3. Diane Dooley

    I wouldn’t like to be immortal, but I would like a couple of hundred more years in a reasonably good state of health. Maybe then I could catch up on all the books I want to read.

    1. arnorris

      LOL…I could see that. My TBR would take a couple hundred years. But most likely what will happen is we’ll read one book and add two more to the list…it’s a never ending.

  4. arnorris

    Haha Renee! I would tell you what happens to Matthew…but then I’d have to kill you. (ugh…there slips the AR cliche crutch. I knew it would happen sooner or later, or more accurate, sooner than later).

    …Oh, and high-5 to you. My middle name is Rene (male spelling, but still same name). I love seeing another person with Renee, Rene, Renae, or whichever other form has been created by now.

  5. Renee Rearden


    Ahhhh, what happened to Matthew?!! Great excerpt. Now I sooo want to read Revelations of Tomorrow. Congratulations on your soon-to-be-realeased hit!!!

    Immortality…wow. Part of me thinks that would be an amazing opportunity (if my hubs was immortal too) to see the world…ALL of it. But I wouldn’t want to outlive my family. And there’s always a consequence to such a huge law of nature being broken. I’d worry about getting eaten by sharks or bears, falling in a wood chipper or something horrible. Then there’s the whole Earth being destroyed and I’m still chuggin’ along. I think the smarter part of me knows living forever would become tedious and a possible threat to my mental health!

  6. arnorris

    Phew! Finally off work. Sorry for the delay folks. Thank you all for stopping by!

    @katethorn – I agree, it does sound boring. One moment would seem like the next after a while.

    @Heather – That would freak me out, out living Earth. It’d be like losing your home, but on a much, much larger scale. Would we lose our sense of human connection/community if that ever happened? *shudders*

    @Lisa – Thanks! I do find vampire stories that really delve into the immortality and consequences of living forever intriguing. No more room for more memories…interesting, neuro bandwidth limitations. Maybe we’d start dumping out the old to replace the new, which would be scary. Imagine forgetting your first love or graduating college?

    @Greta – I agree… no need to skimp on the tech to have a good romance.

  7. Lisa Lane

    I have often pondered (as an author who has done some speculative work on vampires) what effects immortality might have on one’s mind. Would there come a time when one had no more room for new memories, so the old ones would eventually have to go? Would there come a time when the immortal no longer knew where s/he came from or why s/he existed as such?

    I love your take on the ever-waning innocence and excitement over life. The difference we all experience in our attitudes during and post-childhood is profound, and to think about how much one might change over the centuries is indeed scary. I also love your idea with using telomeres as a hard sci-fi way of explaining your civilization’s immortality. Very cool!

  8. Heather Massey

    Great food for thought!

    The thing that would scare me about living forever (assuming I didn’t fall dead from disease or an accident) would be the idea of out living planet Earth. If we don’t develop space travel, then I’d be stuck. Yup–way more cons than pros right now.

    I wish you many happy sales for Revelations!

  9. katethorn

    No–I would not want to live forever! It would get boring then, Good concept–looks like a good book! Kate Thorn

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