I blog about my travels – with pictures. Each of these links will get you to the first page of the journey. Then you can follow the links at the bottom of each post. Enjoy.

My travels
Off to FNQ 2017 Far North Queensland – waterfalls, crocs, birds – and a cyclone
Hong Kong and Macao 2017 We visit Hong Kong and Macao
Australian Walkabout 2016 In which we zip around the continent in a month, going clockwise
A visit to the Outback 2016 We visit outback South Australia and fly over Lake Eyre in flood
Europe 2016 – Amsterdam to Basel We cruise the Rhine and Moselle from Amsterdam to Basel, then tour Switzerland for 4 days
Europe 2015 – Bupapest to Amsterdam We cruise the Danube-Main-Rhine from Budapest to Amsterdam in Autumn
Australian Walkabout 2013 In which we race around Australia via Mt Isa, Broome, Geraldton, Esperance and on across the Nullabor, home via Broken Hill