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A cavalcade of ghosts

IMG_3552_HDRYesterday I was told that an acquaintance who very recently contracted lung cancer had died in the night. I’d met him twice, knew of his condition through a neighbour who was his friend. It was quick and relatively painless for him, and since his quality of life was very low, I think it was for the best. I’m not too sure why his passing has affected me as much as it has.

Maybe it’s because he was about the same age as me. Maybe it’s because so many of the people I’ve known – either in real life, or vicariously – people like Spock, Gough Whitlam and today, Stuart Wagstaff – are gone. If I close my eyes I can see a cavalcade of ghosts. Names bring up memories, some good, some bad. Days of my life, high points and low.

And maybe it’s a reminder that there all things must pass. Someday it will be my turn.


Oh, by the way, I’ve joined the group on Space Freighter’s Lounge, where we talk about science fiction romance, movies, TV shows, books and stuff. Come and say hi. My stint is on a (US) Thursday.