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Starry Nights

Welcome to the annual Science Fiction Romance Brigade blog hop. This year’s theme is ‘Starry Nights’. Think lovers hand in hand. Or the Milky Way as a hazy river of light across a desert sky. Or go a little farther out…

hs-2004-10-f-full_jpg smlOut there in space EVERY night is a starry night. Imagine the clarity. The only haziness comes from nebulae, great glowing clouds of gas around stars. Think of the Orion nebulae, or this one. The stars won’t twinkle as they seem to on Earth. That’s just because the light travels through Earth’s atmosphere. They’ll be hard and bright, and I expect their colours will be clearer. Blue for Rigel, red for Aldebaran.

What always fascinates me about stars, though, is not the prettiness. It’s that you’re looking back in time. In my novel Starheart, the heroine, Jess, is beginning to realise that her husband was murdered. She’s out in space, at the space station, checking the log files on the ship where her husband died.

Outside the ship a river of stars shone diamond bright amongst the litter of gases and debris that made up the spiral arm. In a way it was a perception, an illusion. Some of those stars no longer existed, blown into smithereens long before their last light arrived in the back of her retina. Maybe what she saw on these log files was a sleight of hand, much more than a none-too-subtle cover-up of a botched boarding.

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Australia Day Book Hop

australia day blog hop iconI’m proud to be participating in the Australia Day Book Giveaway, sponsored by Book’d Out and Confessions from Romaholics.

For those of you in other parts of the world, Australia Day is the day we celebrate the founding of our modern nation, when in 1788,  Australia’s first British Colony was established at a place now known as Sydney. I might have been born in Amsterdam, but I’m very much an Australian. Although these days I live on the shores of Hervey Bay in Queensland, I grew up in Perth, Western Australian, and attended the University of WA, where I graduated with a BA(Hons). After that I spent a good many years in Melbourne. It’s a wonderful country and much as I love to see other places, coming home is the very best part of the journey, Far too often we don’t know how really lucky we are.

To help you celebrate this wonderful Australia Day, you have a chance to win any one of my books, in an ebook format. You can find them all here. I write mainly science fiction (with a dollop of romance), but I’ve written a contemporary paranormal and an out-and-out historical novel which hasn’t much to do with romance at all.

Leave me a comment, telling me which book you’d like and in what format, make sure the email address you record with your comment is correct, and you’re in the draw. Entries  close at Midnight on Monday, January 28th and winners will be announced on the 29th January.

Don’t forget – name of book and format (epub, kindle, pdf, mobi etc) Please note The Iron Admiral is only available on Amazon Kindle, all others are also on Smashwords. But I can still provide an epub or pdf for The Iron Admiral.

Then pop across to http://bookdout.wordpress.com/2013/01/25/australia-day-book-giveaway-blog-hop/ to see what else is on offer.

*** Thanks to everyone who entered. The offer is now closed. Books will be on the way to 3 winners.Congratulations to them

Midsummer nights

Midsummer. Long days, bright nights, a play by Shakespeare, the fabled White Nights in St Petersburg, where people don’t bother going to bed. A brief chance to party before the sun recedes for another year. It’s all based on the Earth’s angle of inclination and the point of its path around the sun.

Stonehenge, the famous stone circle on the Salisbury Plain in England, is the site of one of the best known midsummer celebrations. On the day of the solstice it is claimed that an observer in the centre of the ring will see the sun rise over the heel stone. But actually, that isn’t true.

More than one person has pointed out that ancient people were less likely to care about the summer solstice than the winter solstice and indeed, it seems Stonehenge was set up to record the mid-winter event. This rather good article gives more information. Why? Because winter was a time of freezing cold and biting hunger. The nights were long and dark and people prayed and made sacrifices for the return of the sun. That’s why we celebrate Christmas in the way we do – many ancient traditions are mixed into the Christian myth.

Needless to say, lining the sun up with geological objects has made its way into science fiction and fantasy, too. One that springs to mind is Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series. Thread would return when the red star was bracketed in the star stone. The creation of the warning sign was part of the plot in Red Star Rising (Dragonseye in the US).

Mid winter isn’t always so awful, though. It depends on how far you live from the equator. It’s mid winter for me right now but in the sub-tropics it isn’t a real hardship. To those of you in the frozen north, enjoy your time in the sun.

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