Reviews – The Iron Admiral: Conspiracy

Cover of The Iron Admiral: Conspiracy

Reviewers Choice Award, Twolips Reviews Feb 2012.Ms. Van der Rol has that unique ability to paint a masterpiece with words.”

Oh, this is such a good space opera book. I read it in two sittings, which shows it must be good because I rarely do that these days and it rocked my spaceship. The story is essentially a journey of discovery as our hero couple are thrust into one life threatening situation after another, dislike each other, find friendship, find love before it all gets really messy. A good plot with truly non-human aliens is the spice on the cake. more…

If you’re a Star Wars/Star Trek/Battlestar Gallactica/science-fiction fan in general, this book is for you. If you’ve ever read a sci-fi book and thought, “Man, I really wish the Hero and the Heroine would get it on,” this book is for you. If you like really good stories with lots of danger, twists, action, and politics, this book is for you..’ more…

Just finished the book and I can hardly wait for book 2. The story was oh so good, loved the characters and the story. Highly recommended.

Great fun and a great story This book is a rollicking good read. Just enough romance to develop character depth and the intimate encounters are very tasteful. The conspiracy part of the story kept me hopping from beginning to end. Who to believe, who really did what to whom, and why. The characters have depth, they make mistakes, and they keep trying. Watching the Admiral fumble at falling in love is a treat, and makes him even more realistic. The clash between races is handled extremely well. Star Trek fans will love the matter of fact way the author handles space travel. Of course you can bop between planets, why not! My only complaint is it stopped too soon – clever, clever writer.

This book is a winner Science fiction action-adventure with a romance thrown in. Wonderful characters, intriguing world-building. Strong heroine interacting with a alpha military hero. This might be the first in a space opera series. If so, this may be a series worth following. There is definitely a second book coming and I am definitely going to be looking for it.

The Iron Admiral: Conspiracy is what a proper SF story should be – high stakes interspecies conflict, plots within plots, action, adventure, technology to satisfy even the most discriminating, um ‘geek/nerd/lover of all things hi-tech’, and—oh yes— a healthy dollop of romance thrown in. From the get-go the author grounds you in this alien ‘Verse, providing vivid details that enhance but never overpower the plot or the action. The characters, the dialog, the politics—everything drives the action, often with a breathless, cliff-hanging vibe that makes this one of those books you’ll find hard to put down. more…

The flight scene in Chapter Fifteen was like a movie in my head, in fact the whole story is like this. Greta paints such a vivid picture which captivates the mind and will keep you absorbed. I have picked this action scene as my one of my favourites but this exciting story doesn’t leave you wanting more… except of course more from Allysha and Saahren. I am very happy to know there is a planned sequel. more…

What I particularly liked about this book – and there is a LOT to like – was the reality about Allysha’s emotions. Sure, the Admiral is hot off the charts and he appeals to her on many levels. But she doesn’t immediately forget her past and what she thought she knew about him and declare immediate and unconditional love. Reality works!
And come on now, Greta, where’s the next one, hmmmmmmmm???


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