Hi, I’m Greta van der Rol. Welcome to my worlds.

Like it says on the banner – writer, photographer, animal lover, space nut.

I live with my husband not far from the beach in Queensland, Australia. When I’m not writing I take photographs of nature and animals, and now and then I do some cooking. Come on in and look around. There’s a site search and there are some obvious menu items just above the header picture. Enjoy yourself. Thanks for coming – and don’t forget to say hello.

Writer: I write books, mainly light science fiction (think Star Wars with better science and no Force), but I have two books about were-tigers, and I’ve written one historical novel. Find out more on the Books page. 

I travel fairly often and I write a  journal illustrated with my photos. You’ll find an index on the Travel page

I write a weekly blog here, about whatever takes my fancy, and where my travel journals first appear, and I write a weekly blog at Space freighters Lounge, which is about writing and/or science.

Photographer: I’m a keen amateur photographer. You’ll find some of my photographs on this site but I also have some for sale – please visit me at Red Bubble or at Dreamstime or at Can Stock Photo

Animal Lover: Shines through in my photography – and sometimes in my stories

Space Nut: I love reading about astronomy, cosmology, and space exploration – told in a non-mathematical way, preferably with pictures like the ones you’ll find at NASA and Hubble. This is why I write science fiction.

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