The garden at Greendale #11

The Western border

I mentioned we had only one fence line – along the western boundary. The people next door had horses. The view in that direction was pretty uninspiring, as you can see from the photo. At least here the grass is green, a rare event at the time. Further to the left a line of mature trees on both sides of the fence gave both of us some privacy. But it wasn’t pretty to look at, especially when the drought set in.

We created a border along the fence and edged and planted it. Peter’s daughter (bless her heart) moved the mulch along its length.

Misty  early Autumn view. You can just see the wall of next door’s dam on the left. The more distant trees are ‘borrowed’ from next door and the forest behind.

A late Spring view in 2002, looking up the bank.

I made the established area near the house into a haven for wildlife, putting in a birdbath, bird feeders, pots, and tough, dry-shade species like clivia.

Camellias, grasses, spider flowers, clivia, syzygium

And, of course, we had to have fruit trees. After it cascaded down the hillside beside that Western border the land created its own terrace, becoming almost flat for several meters, before falling over a final, very steep slope. It seemed a good place to establish fruit trees. First, we covered the area with horse manure and old straw donated by the neighbours, then waited until it rotted down. Then we planted bare-rooted fruit trees.

That little shed thing at the end is a chook house Peter built in his previous tenure. We never had chickens – we were away from home too much.

The fruit trees are on their way

We had a cherry tree, 2 plums, a peach, 2 pears, a nectarine, an almond, a walnut, and Jonathon and Granny Smith apples. Unfortunately, because of the prolonged drought they didn’t bear a lot of fruit in our time. But the first year the cherry produced fruit, I found it before the birds. Very nice indeed.

And just to give you a real idea of just how steep this block is, here’s photo of the house taken from the bottom corner.

Have I told you about the kitchen pond and the fernery? That’s next time.

The fruit trees are to the right of the tree on the right. That’s the deck in the top middle.


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