The Complete Iron Admiral – two books for the price of one

Yep, mea culpa. I haven’t written anything new in a while. But life happens, know what I mean? And the creative juices have dried up. If I believed in muses I’d tell you mine was on holiday in the Himalayas or something. So I decided to parcel up my Ptorix Empire series. As you all know, The Iron Admiral: Conspiracy is permafree. What if I put that one and the sequel, The Iron Admiral: Deception into one bumper volume, priced the same as for one book?

I’ll be honest, I’m not expecting to have created a best seller, so I thought I’d go cheap and do my own cover. My regular designer is booked up, anyway. So… here are my efforts.

A loose spiral galaxyA loose spiral galaxy

I floated them in the SciFi Romance group on Facebook where they went down really well. Um. Splat?








So I challenged/offered the job to do a new design to KJ van Houten. She’s a graphic designer, but she hadn’t done covers before. Here’s what she came up with – much better than mine. She told me she had fun, but that finding suitable models was harder than she expected. In this case Saahren is a Person of Colour, which ratchets the level of difficulty up a notch.

Anyway, here’s the blurb to go with that great cover. I could use a few sales, so tell your friends.

The Complete Iron Admiral

The Iron Admiral: Conspiracy and the Iron Admiral: Deception combined in one big volume.

The Iron Admiral: Conspiracy
On a remote planet a deadly virus is resurrected. If it is released, the Galaxy will be plunged into inter-species war.  Thrust together in a race against time, ex-Admiral Chaka Saahren and Systems Engineer Allysha Marten, must resolve their differences to solve the political crisis which has brought the Galaxy to the brink.

The Iron Admiral: Deception
Despite Grand Admiral Saahren’s best attempts to keep the woman he loves safe, Allysha is a pawn in a growing power struggle, one where she will need all her skills and cunning to outwit a heinous plot that could result in the loss of billions of human lives. When Allysha decides to tackle the conspirators on her own, Saahren is faced with an impossible choice. Love, or duty?

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4 thoughts on “The Complete Iron Admiral – two books for the price of one

  1. Kim J. Van Houten

    Thanks for the mention and the opportunity to do this! And yes, it was really difficult to find appropriate models! I have new respect for all of those who develop covers frequently (what’s the secret?)! But it really was a lot of fun! And not just because I spent so much time looking at all of those hot male models…a task my 17-year-old daughter offered to help with, lol!

    Just a note: you left the ‘Van’ off my last name in this blog, although you got it right on Facebook… 🙂

    1. Greta Post author

      Good grief. How did I (me, Greta van der Rol) manage that. Fixed with profuse apologies.

      1. Kim J. Van Houten

        LOL, happens to me all the time! I’ve had to get my driver’s license fixed — twice! — and half my credit cards.

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