Introducing Crisis at Validor – Ptorix Empire #4

Picture of cover for Crisis at ValidorIt’s always a little bit scary getting a new book out there. Much like launching anything, really. I’ve given it my best. It might be self-published, but it has been edited and the cover is professionally designed by the lovely Rebecca Poole of Dreams2Media. So here we go, the latest addition to the Ptorix Empire series. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did. (The writing part is hard work, but I’m very happy with the end result)

Crisis at Validor

Newly-promoted Captain Brett Butcher is about to achieve his life-long ambition to command a battle cruiser. But before he takes up his new posting, he goes home on leave, hoping to perhaps catch a glimpse of his first love, the unattainable Lady Tarlyn.

When the queen is assassinated in a terrorist attack, Tarlyn’s life is thrown into turmoil when she, too, becomes a target. The last person she expects to rescue her is her childhood sweetheart, Brett Butcher.

As Validor’s Ptorix and human populations face off over a group of islands neither owns, the calls for war grow louder. Torn between love, duty and ambition, Butcher and Tarlyn struggle to prevent an inter-species conflict, while the ember of love that has smouldered for so long bursts into flame. But with planetary peace at stake, both will be forced to choose; love or duty.

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