How to put together a boxed set #amwriting

picture of Nebula Nights anthology cover

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Have you seen the number of boxed sets out there in the market place? Six or eight or ten or eleven complete books in one document, that you can buy for $0.99. Have you thought you’d like to do that, too?

Several months ago a group of authors in the Science Fiction Romance Brigade decided to put together a boxed set. Here’s how we did it.

Nebula Nights – the Making of a Boxed Set

Have a look. You might find it helpful.



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    1. Greta Post author

      At this point we don’t have real figures because we have to wait for the publisher to let us know. There’s delay. But I think after we take out what we paid for promo etc, we wouldn’t have made much. We didn’t expect to. It’s really about promo.

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