Starheart has a new cover – and a warning #sfrb

SH cover payhipI’m absolutely delighted to share the brand new cover for Starheart, produced by the talented Rebecca Poole of Dreams2Media. For the very first time it has that wonderful combination of space and stars, and that hint of romance with a strong, feisty heroine facing it off with an alpha male. I think it’s fabulous.

I’ve revised the blurb – and added a warning. Much has been said about trigger warnings of late, and although this book doesn’t need trigger warnings as such, I’ve received more than one review complaining about SEX and the dreaded F-bomb. (For those who don’t know, that means the word ‘fuck’ is used.)  So I think it’s fair enough to give readers a clue. It’s done on DVDs, and many romance books give an indication of the level of sex, from 1 (behind the bedroom door) to 5 (menage, lots of screwing). Starheart has a burgeoning love story between a man and a woman, with two sex scenes that are not from a how-to manual. And Jess swears when she’s upset. Sorry, that’s how it is. I do, too.

So the blurb has an addendum – “This book contains sex scenes and strong language.”

And if the thought of sex and swear words hasn’t put you off, here’s a snippet from the book, to whet your appetite. This is from the beginning of the book, when Jess meets Hudson for the very first time. Her ship has been stopped and she has been transported to a Fleet battle cruiser for questioning. She’s cooperating. Of course.


Jess stared around her at clean grey walls and floors, and a row of no less than ten lifts. Strewth. The buttons went up to thirty. Thirty levels. This ship was huge. A group of people appeared from a doorway, also heading for the transit foyer. Three senior officers. She fixed her ‘not sure why this is happening but I’m being co-operative’ expression on her face as they approached.

Well, well, well. The captain, a senior commander and a rather dishy admiral. Tall, thick brown hair, heavy eyebrows over blue eyes that right now were shifting his gaze over her body and most especially down the carefully-judged split at the front of her shirt. She smiled at him, taking care to adjust her hair while she did so. Now what would a Star Fleet admiral be doing at Nordheim?

Beside her, Lieutenant Douglas and the two escorts stiffened to parade ground attention.

The admiral stopped in front of her, still staring. “What have we here, Lieutenant?”

The look in his eye sent a sexy shimmy down her spine. No prizes for guessing what was on his mind right now. And under different circumstances, she wouldn’t mind. No, not at all.

“Captain and First Officer of a suspicious ship, Sir. The Saintly Maid. They’re here for interrogation.”

Jess widened her eyes. “Suspicious ship? Oh, really, Lieutenant, you must have mistaken the Maid for some other vessel.”

The admiral grinned. The transit car the senior commander had summoned arrived with a gentle ping. The captain and the senior commander both had their bodies pointed toward the open door but the admiral lingered, gazing down at her.

“Delightful to meet you, Captain…?”

“Sondijk .And equally delightful to meet you, Admiral…?”

“Hudson. Ullric Hudson.”

She gave him a long, hard once-over, her gaze traveling slowly down his body and back up to his eyes. “Welcome to Nordheim, Admiral Hudson.”


To celebrate the new cover, I’ll offer a copy of an ebook (name your type – mobi, epub or pdf) to anyone who can name Saintly Maid‘s first officer. Leave a comment on this post. Hint: read the sample chapter

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13 thoughts on “Starheart has a new cover – and a warning #sfrb

  1. Ed Hoornaert

    The captain of the ‘Saintly Maid’ walks around with a carefully-judged split at the front of her shirt. Saintly maid my (expletive deleted, since these comments don’t come with a trigger warning). Oh, and it’s Santh.

  2. Ed Hoornaert

    Ahem. So, the captain of the Saintly Maid–love that name–goes around with a ‘carefully-judged split at the front of her shirt’. Saintly Maid my (expletive deleted)! Oh, and it’s Santh.

    1. Greta Post author

      Oh, I have a few unsexy ones, too. And they are (of course) secondary characters.

  3. MonaKarel

    LOVE the new cover, it puts Starheart right up there with the other wonderful space opera. Not fair for me to answer the question, besides of course I have a copy.
    For anyone who has not read Starheart, wait to nearly the end, there’s a fabulous hint of great stories to come. In fact, that might make a future contest question

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