It was just an ordinary day. Until the invasion…

We get birds where we live. Lots of them. Since we don’t have pets, the birds (and the occasional possum) provide us with entertainment. Especially when we leave food out for them. I recently discovered that the local Rainbow Lorikeets really LOVE a bit of honey on multi-grain bread. So they’d line up along our pool fence, waiting for their treat, then descend en masse. With numbers like this, no bird was going to able to get more than a beak full.

Bread and honey

This was all good. We get a few Scaly-Breasted Lorikeets, a few honeyeaters and Noisy Miner Birds, but none of the big parrots.

Until now.

Sulphur-crested Cockatoos tend to live in small flocks, maybe twenty to thirty birds. A group flying over our house must have noticed the commotion and popped in to have a look. This was the result.







10 thoughts on “It was just an ordinary day. Until the invasion…

  1. rinellegrey

    Beautiful photos! Hard to be angry at them when they’re such lovely birds. But it’s getting easier, as they’ve started pulling the tops off all my plants here!

  2. treasa65

    *snicker* Why am I not surprised? Great photos, would love to see a yard full of lorikeets some day, in person. Cockatoos are pretty and fun to watch, but they weigh so much more than the lorikeets.

      1. treasa65

        Oooooh, somewhere on this thing, I have a link to what happened when a friend of mine’s umbrella ‘too got out while she was at work. It’s hilarious, I’ll try to find it for you.

  3. fuonlyknew

    Just stunning images Greta. I remember your posts from last year and just new you’d have some wonderful pictures. What a grand thing nature is.

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