Ashkar Ravindra – in the flesh (so to speak)

picture of Jiddu KrishnamurtiI’m not one to use pictures of real people as ‘character cues’, if you see what I mean. I know many writers do, but I’m happy to have a picture in my mind. It’s often quite detailed, too. After the book is done and dusted, it’s quite fun to have a ‘casting couch’ session – trying to work out who you’d have when the movie offers roll in. I did a casting couch for Morgan’s Choice. We decided on John Abraham for Ravindra, but to be honest, I wasn’t entirely convinced.

I came upon this picture here quite by accident, on Facebook. The gentleman is Jiddu Krishnamurti, an Indian philosopher who died in 1986. He was into peace, love and the unity of all mankind.

Admiral Ashkar Ravindra might not have agreed with the sentiment, but THIS is what pops up in my mind when I mention Ravindra’s name. Handsome, aloof, aristocratic. Yum. Dribble.picture of Ravindra's abs

An added note: A few people have asked about the abs, since they’re an important component of the package. I was thinking something like this.

9 thoughts on “Ashkar Ravindra – in the flesh (so to speak)

  1. Rachel Leigh Smith (@rachelleighgeek)

    I didn’t used to actively cast, but then I started seeing actors and go “Oh! That’s so-and-so”. Now I’m always on the lookout and have been known to hunt through episode lists on IMDB looking for the person I saw. Did that with an actress in the Fringe second season opener because the moment she looked up I knew she was one of my upcoming heroines.

    I love Pinterest! I pin character images there, as well as pictures for the planet I’m writing about. It’s very helpful for when I need to visualize my setting or describe it to other people.

  2. MonaKarel

    I’m with you, I have my people in my head, and after their story is on paper, I go looking for the right pictures. That’s when I give in to my Pinterest addiction

  3. juliabarrett

    Oh wow. Amazing. Perfect choice. I’m like you. I don’t think about casting until I finish a book.

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