A specially awesome day

Photo of rain over Fraser islandI always take my camera to the beach and today was a specially awesome day with the camera.  We went early, to escape the heat, more than anything. As you can see, there was a shower around.

picture of perched osprey We said ‘good morning’ to the osprey looking down at us from his favourite perch

and waved to the Brahmani Kite high up in the pine tree.picture of Brahmani kite in tree

Then we were treated to the spectacle of an osprey hunting. It came in low over shallow water. Dived so deep it disappeared, then came back up again, fighting for the sky. I say ‘fighting’ – I think they do it pretty easily with those huge wings. The fish caught securely in its talons, it headed back up the beach to find a place to eat.

If you’d like to see more of my eagle pictures, you might like ‘When the universe tugs at your lead’ or ‘photographing Brahmani kites’.

aggregate picture of hunting osprey

picture of Brahmani Kite carrying a fish

4 thoughts on “A specially awesome day

  1. Richard Leonard

    Great shots, Greta! We’ve got some wedge-tail eagles nesting near us – I must try to get some shots of those… preferably with a better zoom lens than the standard 18-55mm I’m currently using.

  2. juliabarrett

    My kind of day. I do love weather! And raptors. I spend every drive up to Oregon counting raptors. Last time I counted 84. This time 68. It was much colder on this trip – lots of snow. I did see two golden eagles though.

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