Watch where you’re putting your claws

Sometimes photo opportunities just… happen. I was working on a synopsis when I heard the familiar chirps of a couple of rainbow lorikeets. A lot of them live around us, we see them frequently but they hadn’t come in close to the house for a few days. So I picked up the camera and went outside.

These two must have popped in for a secret tryst. The thing that struck me was the size difference. Unlike many bird species, there’s no real way of telling by sight which is a girl and which a boy – although behaviour offers a clue. But this pair seemed to be an exceptionally large male and a very petite female.

I also thing the male was quite young and inexperienced. He has that youthful glitter in his eye. She let him mount but I think he must have stuck a claw in a sensitive spot.

From then on, she wasn’t talking to him, despite his attempts to impress.

6 thoughts on “Watch where you’re putting your claws

  1. Susan Spann

    Such beautiful birds, and lovely photos too.

    My teenage son has a cockatiel and walked in while I was reading this and said, “Wow…those are gorgeous. She’s so lucky to have those just … around … to look at.”

    Big jealousy from the USA!

  2. fuonlyknew

    Absolutely brilliant colors. It must be wonderful to have that view outside your door. I have a cockatiel that will not talk. He likes to whistle and chirp softly to his mirror girlfriend.

  3. Greta van der Rol

    These are wild birds. And they can get very very noisy at times. Sunset at the beach is an absolute cacophony as they all come home to seetle in the trees along the foreshore (after sweeping up and down the beach a few times, in wheeling, squawking, gossiping flocks.) Gotta love it.

  4. Kayelle Allen

    What beautiful birds. I have two parakeets, a dove, and a cockatiel, so I hear bird chatter all day. And screeching, chirping, and squawking. They can say quite a lot with only a few sounds. But none of them has color like this! Just gorgeous feathers.

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