A frozen moment of time

Those of you who know a little about me know I enjoy taking photos. My subjects tend to be creatures that fly and maybe I’ll talk about them another time. This time, I want to talk about sunsets. You might think sunsets and flying birds don’t have much in common but there is one thing. With a camera, a photographer can capture one moment in time, an event which will never happen in quite the same way ever again. Oh, a bird will fly, a sun will set but the chances of ALL the circumstances being exactly the same – you’d have a far better chance of winning the lottery.

So share with me this wondrous sunset on the shores of Hervey Bay.

I went to a spot I frequent, where a creek flows into the bay. We have large tidal rise and fall and there is a vast tidal flat exposed here at low tide. I arrived before sundown and watched the people and the dogs – and a few birds – enjoy the ambience.

Then the sun set in the West (as it does). It’s just above the tops of the trees. Notice the high cirrus cloud, hardly affected by the sun.

The sun starts to sink below the trees

So intent was I on the sun sinking in the west, I ignored what was behind me. A short time later, I looked over my shoulder and saw this. I’m looking at the eastern sky, with the sun just set behind me.The eastern sky is alight with colour

And then I turned around again. And captured a river of light reflected in a river of water. A truly amazing sight that it is my privilege to share with you. Three incomparable, never to be repeated, moments in time.

A river of light in the sky reflected in the water

Please enjoy – and if you wish to share these, be my guest but I ask that you acknowledge my copyright by attributing me.

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