For Two Days ONLY…

Jes and inline skimmerStarheart is released on the Kindle Select program – and for March 13 and 14 you can download the book for FREE. 

Once again, my good friend Kevin Radthorne has created an image which is perfect for Jess, heroine of Starheart.  Here she is, dressed in her ‘invisible’ suit, ready for a little bit of break-and-enter. Find this picture, and more of Kevin’s wonderful art here. And here’s a little snippet of Starheart to go with the picture.

Dressed in the ‘invisible’ suit, currently set to black, she caught the lift down to the basement and fired up Troy’s in-line skimmer. Looking at the machine brought back memories. They’d ridden klicks on this thing, him driving, her behind, zooming along the back tracks of the mountains back in the days before Tenna was born. They’d gone away for weekends in the woods, camping up near Lake Maribou. She hadn’t thrown a leg over since he died.

Settled in the seat she activated the sensor to open the basement door. It clicked and rose into the ceiling, allowing access to the street. She overrode the skimmer’s auto-drive function. No point in sneaking out at night and leaving the evidence of where she’d been on the machine’s system.

She pushed the throttle on. The nose lifted, flinging her back in the saddle. Shit. Too fast. She throttled back, only just avoiding a scrape along the wall. Relax, let yourself remember. She juggled the balance until she had it right, then let the skimmer glide up the ramp into the road, the door dropping into place behind her. At this time of night residential Orham City slept, at least for the most part. An automated cleaner bot rounded a corner up ahead but the road was free of traffic. Jess drove easily, enjoying the throb of the beast beneath her. She had clipped the sensor detection pen on her shirt and her Calvin C40 light laser pistol sat in its holster at her hip.

Don’t forget – to read more, take a look at Starheart. Action, adventure, spaceships, aliens – and a dollop of romance.