Where did you get that dress?

Write about what you know, that’s the old adage, isn’t it? I confess, fashion isn’t the most important thing in my list of interests, so when I had to come up with a suitable dress for Jess Sondijk in a scene in my latest book, Starheart, I delved into my own history. It’s quicker and easier than looking up photos of movie stars in women’s magazines.

Jess has decided to attend a meet ‘n greet to find out a little more about rather attractive Admiral Ullric Hudson, who has just arrived in her part of the Galaxy. Is he really there to queer the pitch for small-time smugglers like her? So she turns up, dressed to kill.

She had made a special effort. The red dress was a favorite. The neckline plunged deep, affording everyone quite an eyeful. The rest clung to her waist and hips, accentuating her figure. The split up the front meant she was able to stride if she wanted and provided more than a glimpse of leg.

I thought you might like to see something approximating the original. Jess is a beauty, with long, blonde hair. But you can see where the inspiration came from.

What about you? Have you used your wardrobe (or anything else) to inspire a scene?

6 thoughts on “Where did you get that dress?

  1. Kaye Manro

    I thought I was going to say I never used my own wardrobe in a story– but that’s not exactly true. I used my own photos as a dancer and costumes for a character that was also a ballet dancer. That was a few years ago. But I did do it!

    That is such a lovely photo and dress you posted here. You look beautiful!

  2. Christine Ashworth

    Great dress, Greta – you look MAHvelous!!! My own wardrobe is uninspiring – I go off of red carpet looks I’ve seen in the past, and embellish from there, lol!

    1. Greta van der Rol

      I had the photo done at one of those ‘down’ times in my life. It has provided a high for (ahem) a few years, now. I guess I’ll have a look at the red carpet occasionally – but all the posturing puts me right off.

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