Born in Ice

Today, my guest is Linda La Roque who is stopping off on her blog tour of her new book, Born in Ice. Over to you, Linda.

This futuristic romantic suspense story grew from a dream, one of a woman frozen in a block of ice and found by fishermen from an undersea world. She’s taken to their home and with the help of advanced medical technology, she recovers. In time she learns she must learn to fit into their social system, one different from what she’s known.


Pulled from an icy grave…into a world of doubt and danger.

Frozen in ice for seventy-five years, Zana Forrester suffers the agony of rebirth to learn her son is dead, and her daughter’s whereabouts is unknown. The year is 2155. A man’s soothing voice and gray eyes haunt her drug induced dreams. When she recovers, she meets their owner and finds her heart in danger. But, a relationship isn’t a consideration; she must find her daughter.

Brock Callahan is drawn to the beautiful woman taken aboard his salvage ship. He’s determined she’ll be his wife and a mother to his young daughter, but he vows not to love her. All the women he’s loved died. While Zana searches for her daughter, Brock must protect Zana from the evil that threatens.

My editor for Champagne Books has graciously given permission for me to post the Prologue and Chapter One of Born in Ice, so for 10 days I’ll be sharing another instalment.

Prologue – part 1

2080 A.D., St. John’s, Newfoundland

You don’t love me else you’d take me too. Nana can watch Jonathan. You just love him more.”

That’s not true, honey. You know that.” Zana tried to cuddle the girl, but she’d have none of it.

Her daughter shoved away and screamed, “I hate you.”

Zana looked up and pleaded with the heavens for help. As she stood, she heard Gran’s soothing voice from the other room. “Child, you know you don’t mean that. You’ve got to be big and help Mama. She’s doing all she can to provide for us all by herself.” What would she do without the older woman?

But… Jonathan always gets to go.”

I know honey, and that’s my fault. I can’t keep up with the little bugger. You’re my big girl. You can help old Gran get around when Mama’s not here.”

Leaving Katy at home always made Zana feel guilty, and today was no different. But no way could she manage both kids at the store. At six years old, Katy wasn’t a problem for Nana to watch. Jonathan was a different story. He was too active and wore the older woman out. She worried the child might suffer from serious emotional problems. Not that she blamed her. After losing her father to an avalanche, having every moment of her life dictated by the elements had to be hard on an energetic child.

How had they come to such a sad state and would it continue to get worse before it got better? Since the 1990’s, alerts had been issued about global warming. Suddenly, in 2045 warnings became fact. One of the sea’s conveyer belts stopped working, causing a chain reaction, affecting others and throwing the Earth’s weather patterns out of balance. Would nature be able to reset the ocean currents back on a normal course or were they in for even worse conditions?

Not knowing what was in store for them terrified her. It was all she could do to keep the four of them fed. Fortunately she worked from home as a computer programmer, but if she were to lose her job… she shuddered.

Don’t buy trouble, Zana.

Tune in tomorrow for the 2nd installment. I’ll be on Linda Kage’s blog at

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Thank you, Greta, for having me here today, and thank you readers for stopping by. Good luck in all the give-a-ways!

Happy Reading and Writing!


Linda LaRoque is a Texas girl, but the first time she got on a horse, it tossed her in the road dislocating her right shoulder. Forty years passed before she got on another, but it was older, slower, and she was wiser. Plus, her students looked on and it was important to save face.

A retired teacher who loves West Texas, its flora and fauna, and its people, Linda’s stories paint pictures of life, love, and learning set against the raw landscape of ranches and rural communities in Texas and the Midwest. She is a member of RWA, her local chapter of HOTRWA, NTRWA and Texas Mountain Trail Writers.!/linda.laroque!/LindaLaRoque

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  1. Judy Griffith Gill

    Linda’s books are all wonderful, but this one tops even the best of the others. Please don’t miss it.

  2. Tara MacQueen

    I’m looking forward to this read! Found you through TWRP loop. Can’t wait! Sounds intriguing…

    Tara MacQueen

  3. Sarah L

    Hi Linda,

    Just finished Marshall and looking forward to reading more of your books. This one sounds great!


  4. Na

    Hi Linda *waves*
    I’m happy to learn about another of your book and I think I’ll really enjoy this one. I read a lot of romantic suspense but definitely need to read more futuristic one! It sounds like your story has a bit of everything for everyone. Good thing I read so many genres 🙂


  5. Mary Preston

    BORN IN ICE looks amazing. I have it on my reading list.

    Keep dreaming Linda.


    1. Linda LaRoque

      Oh, thank you, Mary. I hope you enjoy it! I do have vivid dreams about crazy stuff. Sometimes it’s irritating to wake up without finding out what happens!

  6. Carol Drummond

    Sounds like an interesting read with a setting out of the ordinary for a futuristic romance.

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