A sneak peek at ‘Starheart’

Photo of nebulaWe interrupt our photography showcase to return to writing, which is what I do most of. You HAVE been checking my book pages, haven’t you?

I’ve returned to a book I ‘finished’ a good six months ago, a science fiction romance set in the same galaxy as ‘The Iron Admiral’. The characters are different, but we have encounters with the Galactic People’s Republic and with the ptorix, my blue-skinned, tentacled aliens. My biggest concern with this book was always that it is a mystery as well as everything else. So I have to set up clues which the protagonists must solve with all the back story that goes with a convincing plot. Most of it’s there – well – now it is.

It’s lots of fun, with the same action-packed adventure as readers will find in the Iron Admiral series and in ‘Morgan’s Choice‘. Here’s a little snippet from the first chapter. Jess Sondijk, slightly shady (but beautiful) captain of the freighter Saintly Maid has been taken over to Confederacy Battlecruiser Defender for interrogation. This is her first encounter with the ship’s admiral.


Jess stared around her at clean, grey walls and floors and a row of no less than ten lifts. A group of people appeared from a doorway, also heading for the transit foyer. Three officers, all senior. She fixed her ‘not sure why this is happening but I’m being co-operative’ expression on her face as they approached.

Well, well, well. The captain, a senior commander and a rather dishy admiral. Tall, thick brown hair, heavy eyebrows over blue eyes that just right now were shifting his gaze all over her body and most especially down that carefully-judged split at the front of her shirt. She smiled at him, taking care to adjust her hair while she did so. Now what would a Star Fleet admiral be doing at Nordheim?

Beside her, Lieutenant Douglas and the two escorts stiffened to parade ground attention.

“What have we here, Lieutenant?” the admiral said, still staring at her.

The look in his eye sent a sexy shimmy down her spine. No prizes for guessing what was on his mind right now. And under different circumstances, she wouldn’t mind. No, not at all.

“Captain and First Officer of a suspicious ship, Sir. The Saintly Maid. They’re here for interrogation.”

Jess widened her eyes. “Suspicious ship? Oh, really, Lieutenant, you must have mistaken the Maid for some other ship.”

The admiral was grinning. The transit car the senior commander had summoned arrived with a gentle ping. The captain and the senior commander both had their bodies pointed towards the open door but the admiral lingered, gazing down at her.

“Delightful to meet you, Captain…?”

“Sondijk .And equally delightful to meet you, Admiral…?”

“Hudson. Ullric Hudson.”

She gave him a long, hard, lingering once-over, her gaze traveling slowly up his body to his eyes. “Welcome to Nordheim, Admiral Hudson.”

He chuckled, jerked his head down in a brief nod and followed the two officers into the transit.


It’ll be published some time next year.

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  1. Lynda Frazier

    I like it, I wouldn’t mind a Dishy Admiral interigating me! Will be on my to read list once it’s out.

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